York Day Trip

York is one of England’s most medieval cities. It’s a very enjoyable and picturesque place, but history and architecture buffs will find the town particularly exciting. Located a two-hour train ride away from London, York makes for a nice day trip.

York is much quieter than London, and has an almost country feel about it. That being said, it is still home to quite a few unique tourist attractions. The most impressive of these is York Minster Cathedral. One of the largest Gothic cathedral’s in Europe, and certainly the most beautiful, York Minster is nothing short of stunning. Its stained glass is the largest example of medieval glasswork in the world. And while the view from the top is not quite like that from the top of Notre Dame, it is still definitely worth seeing.

The town also boasts an impressive Roman wall from the 2nd century, gorgeous monastery ruins, and York University.  But aside form all these historical sites, one of the best things to do it York is just wonder around. The Ouse and Floss River meet in York and flow right through the center of town. The water provides a lovely opportunity for scenic walks. Downtown you find an adorable collection of shops in with particular character. This area also has The Shambles (a crooked, leaning medieval road that served as inspiration for J,K. Rowling’s Diagon Alley). Be sure to check out it out and grab some delicious toffee at one of York’s its quaint little candy shops.

By: Joanie Jockel

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