Matilda the Musical

Whether you like musicals or not, this show is extremely enjoyable. Since it’s adapted from a beloved Roald Dahl book and a movie that most of us grew up watching, it caters to all ages and audiences. With original music and an extremely witty script, the childhood favorite features a kid-friendly plot with added adult humor.

The set is amazing and creative, to put it simply. If you’re a fan of the film, it is worth making your way to Seven Dials to check out the stage version; try to figure out how they pull off Bruce eating an entire chocolate cake and get thrown by her pigtails. Most memorable, though, is the role of Miss Trunchbull – played by a man. Hysterical.

Having seen the production before it won its SEVEN Olivier Awards (a record-breaking number), I’d like to think I wasn’t part of the bandwagon. But it has received much critical acclaim since premiering last year, which is why it was high on my list.

As noted in our blog’s theatre district post, there are ways to get around breaking your abroad budget. I lined up at 7:00 on a Friday morning to get discounted student tickets for £5… The box office didn’t open until 10:00, but saving £25 was well worth my tired eyes.

Matilda the Musical has just extended its booking until Spring 2013, so there’s time! A 5-star show in my book, you won’t be let down.

McKenzie Kramer

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