Legally Blonde The Musical

As much as I didn’t want to go see an American girly girl play in London, I did and I ended up loving it!

We wanted to go to a West End play, so one Saturday morning we went to the discount “Tckts” office. Legally Blonde was one of the cheapest we could get so we bought tickets for 7pm that night.

That night, my two flat mates and I dressed up in our best pink dresses and headed for the West End.

Songs like “OMG You Guys” and “Chip on Your Shoulder” got stuck in my head for days!

All the classic scenes from the movie are still incorporated in to the play; the bunny costume, bend and snap, and many more!

There are even two four legged stars a bull dog and of course Brusier the Chihuahua!

Overall it was a cute play and a lot better than I expected. The cast was full of talent, energy and spunk. I would definitely recommend it for a fun and lively night pout in the West End.

Allie Hinds

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