The Book Club

The Book Club, located in Shoreditch, is a guaranteed fun night out. Last time I was there, cover was only 5 pounds and they played fun 90s hits such as Destiny’s Child, TLC and Aaliyah. Check out their website for what tunes they’ll be spinning on your night of choice, though, because they like to mix it up. Open late seven days a week and spanning two floors, this restaurant by day, chill hang out/dance club by night is the perfect place to unwind after work or spend a long Saturday night. According to Time Out Magazine, Book Club is “one of Shoreditch’s best and quirkiest venues.”

And maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll witness the glasses wearing, Mr. Potatohead-shirt sporting, hard core break dancing, twenty something in all his glory like I did. Definitely a must-go location. Shoreditch is an under the radar, anti-Piccadilly kind of neighborhood: perfect for a night when you want to do something just a little different.

Nearest tube: Shoreditch High Street

Don’t get lost!

Megan Kamitsuka

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