More on the Canary Islands

For our Spring Break a few of us decided to go to the Canary Islands and get some sun! We decided on the island of Gran Canaria because it was the easiest to get to since its the main island. After our 4 hour flight which seemed like an eternity we finally stepped out of the plane in to the warm Spanish sun! The first night we decided to get a taste of Spain with some tapas and sangria at a local restaurant on the beach. Then we headed back to our hostel to rest up for a full day of sun. We stayed at the Volver hostel which we all highly recommend! It was the perfect island home away from home. Everyone staying there were from all parts of the world and everyone working there was laid back and friendly. The next day we hung out on the beach it was even warm enough to swim in the ocean! The next day we got to ride camels in the desert and run through some sand dunes. It was such a fun and relaxing way to spend out spring break.

Allie Hinds

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