Although it might not be as popular as Rome or Florence, Bologna is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. It rests right in the heart of Tuscany, making it a perfect stop between Florence and Venice.  This also means that some of the best Tuscan food and vino can be found in some of the best cafes and restaurants in Italy. Another advantage of Bologna is that tourists aren’t as abundant here as in Florence or Rome. It is a lot easier to make your way through the (very easily navigated) streets and to the top sights. When I say ‘top’ sights, I mean the very tip-top. There are A LOT of things to climb to the top of in Bologna.

Two of the coolest things to climb to the top of in Bologna

 1) The Basilica of San Petronio

The Basilica of San Petronio is located in the heart of the Piazza Maggiore. This is the city’s main plaza that is also home to the fountain of Neptune. For only 3 euro, you can get a pretty cool aerial view of the fountain and the square.

2) The Asinelli Tower

One of two remaining 12th century towers left in Bologna, the Asinelli is the only one still open to the public. Both of the towers lean, but the smaller one leans at a dangerous angle and is no longer safe to ascend. It also costs 3 euros to climb to the top of the Asinelli Tower. There is no elevator and there are literally hundreds of winding steps to the top. The steps are not even and tend to slope toward the center of the small tower. It feels incredibly unsafe, but, when you finally make it to the top and see the city, you realize that it was worth it. The city is beautiful and you get an amazing view of the Tuscan countryside.

-Emily Herron

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