The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

By Carlie McGuire

Sometimes you will love your internship, sometimes you will hate it. I was ecstatic to learn that I would be interning at NBC inLondonduring my time here. I was less than thrilled to learn that I would be working some weekends. I thought it was completely unfair and would be a huge damper on my semester. I soon realized I couldn’t have been more wrong. Yes weekend shifts were a drag, but I was still at one of the greatest places I could be, and they really did appreciate having interns on busy weekends. Journalism majors don’t have typical hours. Be prepared that you might have to miss a couple nights out because you have to go in early to work, or you have to stay late for a project. Just try and remember that these internships are valuable. They’re an enormous resume booster, can give you invaluable connections, and possibly even a job down the road. You get as much out of the internship as you put into it, and what your experience is completely dependent on you. So while I may have hated working on a Sunday morning, I will never forget the day spent working at the BAFTA awards. Don’t forget to appreciate all of it!

Meeting George Clooney, not a bad way to spend a Sunday at work!

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