Best Mangal

If you are living in London for the summer, at some point you must go to Best Mangal.

It is an authentic Turkish style restaurant, and there is one located just outside of the West Kensington tube station (there are a few others spread throughout London as well).

It is fairly inexpensive (when taking in to consideration the amount of food that you will be given), and I guarantee you will leave content (or just find me and I’ll seriously eat the rest).

You can only pay in cash their, so make sure you run to the ATM before you go. Also, it closes at 2am on the weekends, so after a night in the clubs, it’s a great pit stop for intoxicated food.

Remember, there’s a reason why it’s called BEST Mangal (because it’s the best).

And no, I don’t work for Best Mangal. It’s just really good food.

-Brendan Meyer


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