If you are in Barcelona, a night of clubbing is an obvious must. It’s rated the third best party city in Europe, so let’s be real, you’re going out.

The clubs are killer, but also expensive. Typical cover is between 15-20€. Sometimes that includes a drink voucher, but not always. Or so I hear from my friends who study there.

Here is the secret to a thrifty night on the town.

Basically, to gain exclusive access to the clubs in Barcelona – simply add yourself to the guest lists on the
website You Barcelona. You just choose your preferred venue and enter as many people as you like on the guest list for priority access.

Then you get to feel like a rock star when you roll up and get to enter fo’ free! The only downside is sometimes the guest list line can be longer than the regular pay entry line, but that wasn’t ever the case when we went out.

We hit Shoko and Sutton. Both were fun but Shoko was amazing. I’m sure it depends on the company and the night, but that’s my two cents.


-Katie Brennan

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