My Biggest Money Waster

By: Carlie McGuire

Food! You will not be prepared for just how expensive London is. That’s a fact. Do yourself a favor and resist the urge to eat out every night, buy food on the go, and spend fifteen dollars at one of the two Chipotles. Try your hardest to plan meals,  go grocery shopping, and make your food before it goes bad. If you plan your meals wisely, you can save hundreds of pounds each month. I know I wish I had. Also, it’s more nutritious.  Just buying some vegetables, pasta and a sauce for six pounds can mean three to four meals for a week. And, since grocery stores close at eleven, if you’re pantry is empty, you might be tempted to grab McDonalds or pizza every night, believe me, that is not a habit that’s good for your wallet or your waistline.

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