Bruges (Brugge) is a small city full of character that is worth a visit. It is so close to London I was able to take a day trip! I booked the tour through Here are some dont miss attractions if you decide to check out Bruges.

The Canals 

The canals run throughout the city. When you first arrive take a canal boat ride and get some great views the canal side restaurants, shops, churches and homes.

The canals of Bruges

The Beguinage and Minnewater

This is an old convent and is beautiful. Take a picnic and enjoy the peaceful scenery!

The Beguinage

Famous buildings 

 Church of our Lady 

Belfry (bell tower)

Saint Saviour’s Cathedral

These 3 spires dominate the Bruges skyline. The Belfry is the symbol of Bruges’ independence and has been for centuries. Take the time to climb up its stairs. When you finally get to the top you will have an awesome panorama view of the city.

Burg and City hall

The Burg is othe city square lines with great chocolate shops and restaurants.

Almshouses (Godshuizen)

Godshuizen are tiny villages within the city- beautiful gardens and whitewashed façades


And last but most importantly Bruges is ….The World ’s Capital of Chocolate!

49 chocolate boutiques, a chocolate museum, chocolate trail and a chocolate fair. Make sure and try the hot chocolate! Its like nothing you’ve ever had before and involves warm milk and chocolate on a stick…yum!


Allie Hinds

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