Night buses

The tube and regular buses shut down after 12am. So If you happen to be out past then you dont have to take a cab…take a night bus! Though they take a little longer they can save you tons. You can go to and look up the night bus map for your area. If you dont look it up in advance thats ok too- wherever you are find the nearest bus stop, on the list of buses that come find the one thats highlighted in light blue. The night buses will have an ‘N’ in front of the number (example N28) or it will say 24 hour. Look at the map at the bus station, there is a list of destinations in alphabetical order, find your area and look at the cooresponding bus numbers. It will have a letter by the number. That letter is how the bus stop is labeled. Every stop has a letter. Find that letter and youre on your way home! It sounds confusing but youll get the hang of it in no time. Also if you get confused ask the first bus driver who pulls up which but to take to get to ___ area. They know the streets well and are usually willing to help. And night buses dont just take you home from a night out.. if you have an early flight they can take you to where you need to meet your bus to the airport.

Allie Hinds

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