Red Planet Pizza

Red Planet Pizza

For many of us Richmond Court residents, Red Planet Pizza became a late night (and sometimes, admittedly, daytime) indulgence. Much of it was convenience, as that bright red building was so opportunely placed outside of our doorstep. If you’re lucky enough to be placed near it’s edifice, this post is for you.

Red Planet tastes pretty much like your average Pizza Hut slice: cheese, thick, crispy crust, two toppings. But what really sets it apart is price. Red Planet offers 7″ personal pan pizzas, with your choice of any two of their abundant toppings, all for the sparkling price of £2.50.

Added bonus: it’s open until 4 a.m. Everyday.

So next time you’re looking for a penny-saving meal after a long night out, head to Red Planet Pizza, located on North End Road and throughout central London. This guilty pleasure is equally nice to your wallet as it is to your stomach. While it might not be the highest quality of pizza, and certainly isn’t fine dining, Red Planet pizza serves its purpose — cheap, fast, late night grub.

–Caitlin Sole

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