Zigfrid von Underbelly

A great place to snatch a drink is Shoreditch’s Zigfrid von Underbelly, located in Hoxton Square.

This place is great for lounging, as it’s decorated with comfortable black couches and plenty of décor to ogle at.  Make sure to find the bike hanging from the ceiling, or catch whichever film is playing on the TV- it varies from Ghostbusters to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Zigfrid is a great place to go with a few friends, offering pitchers of cocktails for two or three to split at reasonable prices.  Consider Berrylicious or a classic Long Island Ice Tea to get you started off.  Another plus to note is the free cover, which will ease your guilt if you choose to indulge in a pricier cocktail.


Before you go to Shoreditch for this night out, make sure to check out Zigfrid’s website for what events are going on.  Recent nights have included Rude Audio, which featured tropical beats and dance tracks, Sunday Roasts, and Hope & Electro (the bar’s big club anthems).


Check out Zigfrid von Underbelly’s menu and calendar at http://zigfrid.com/.


Hannah Carlson

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