Westminster Abbey

Last year, millions of people tuned in to watch Will and Kate take their vows at Westminster Abbey. Even if you did tune in to watch yourself, no TV can do the beauty of this church justice, and is something that, when in London, is a must-see.

If you are planning on visiting Westminster, you can choose to take one of two approaches. The first is paying for admission. With a college ID, the charge to get into the church, the museum, cloisters, St. Margartets church, and the college garden will cost you thirteen pounds. If you are wanting to do an audio tour on top of this, plan on paying an extra three pounds. Because entry is a bit pricy, I suggest that you take another approach.

Go to a service.  Though the church requires entry fee from visitors, anyone is welcome to worship at Westminster Abbey.  It won’t cost you a pense and also gives you an inside look into a church Ina way you wouldn’t see with any audio guide,  information about the services and the times they are held each day can be found on Westminster abbey’s website, Www.westminster-abbey.org.  I recommend the evensong. The choir sings beautifully and the service in’t unbearable in length, only taking less than an hour of your time.  If you’re wanting the full experience, get to the church forty minutes or so before the service so you can snatch a spot in the pews.

Any additional information on this great attraction can be found on their website, www.westminster-abbey.org.


Hannah Carlson

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