Buying a phone


When studying abroad to London, keep these following tips in mind:

Do not sign up for an international plan in the United States. Instead, do one of the two following:

Bring your current cell phone with a sim-card

  • In order to bring your current phone to Europe, it must have a sim-card and must be “unlocked.”
  • If you are able to get your phone unlocked in the United States, do so. If not, you are able to get your cell phone unlocked in London anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds.
  • If you do not have a sim-card, do not bring your cell phone over here. It will not work.

Buy a cheap phone from Carphone Warehouse when you arrive.

  • Carphone Warehouse is a wonderful resource for cheap cell phones.
  • Here, you are able to buy “pay as you go” phones for as cheap as 10 pounds. Keep in mind, they are not smart phones — you will only be able to call and text message.

When purchasing a sim-card, there are two options.

  • A local sim-card such as O2, Virgin or Orange.
  • An international Lebara sim-card.
    It is best to purchase an international sim-card.
    The Lebara sim-cards have the best rates.
    You are able to take this phone and travel with it throughout Europe.
    You are able to call and text message home.

Jenner Smith

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