Soho Theatre Bar

This is a cute little restaurant/theatre in the heart of Soho, right next to Soho Square.

Recently renovated, the diner is spacious and colorful with neon signs and play posters plastered on the walls. Aside from the location and aesthetically pleasing decor, Soho Theatre Bar has something more to offer – great food! I ordered a few small plates, tomato/red pepper soup and bruschetta. The soup was a perfect, creamy consistency without too much of an overpowering vegetable flavor and the toasted garlic, tomato and basil blend was a wonderful palette cleanser. The pork belly ciabatta sandwich with apple chutney and sage butter is to die for.

If your mouth isn’t watering, no worries. The £5 menu should be enough to convince you to visit! Great prices, delicious food, and you can even check out a show afterwards! Check it out for yourself.

McKenzie Kramer

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