By: Katherine Reichenbach

Salzburg, Austria has now unexpectedly become one of my favorite cities in Europe! After taking a weekend trip to Munich, Germany, my roommates and I decided to take the train 1.5 hours southeast to the small Austrian town. Most famous for the Sound of Music (Almost the entire film was filmed in Salzburg), Salzburg is not your  typical big European city. Some of my favorite sights in the small town included Mirabell Gardens (outside the Mirabell Palace) and the riverbank alongside the Salzach River. If you travel to Salzburg, you MUST take the cable car up to the Salzburg Castle & Fortress. The top of the castle boasts the most breathtaking views of the old town and the Bavarian alps in the backdrop. Mozart is one of the most famous Salzburg natives – You can visit the house where he was born & the house where he grew up!  Mozart balls are famous chocolate balls you can buy in Salzburg as well. Sacher cakes, chocolate cakes with a hint of orange, are also very famous here. Salzburg is a must-see city, especially if you are a fan of Sound of Music or Mozart! Even if you’re not, the warm weather and amazing views are well worth it!

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