Harry Potter Studio Tour

Dumbledore's Office at Harry Potter Studio Tour

Alright Harry Potter fans, this one’s for you.

This year, Warner Brothers opened the door to the London studio in which all eight Harry Potter movies were filmed. Visitors now have a chance to explore the sets, props and costumes used in the films, as well as discover the secrets behind their making.

Don’t Miss:

  • Butter Beer. £3.50 for a cup of this rich, creamy beverage. Worth the price.
  • Flying on a broomstick, CGI and green screen included. It sounds ridiculous, and it is, but when will you ever get the chance to fly across a green-screen generated Quidditch field again? Never.

Flying at Harry P Tour

  • The details. This place is chockfull of all things Potter. Perhaps most interesting are the tiny details, like the personal garnishes sitting on Ron Weasley’s bedstand or the hundreds of hand-labeled jars in the Potions classroom, so take your time taking it all in.

Details at Harry Potter Studio Tour

Getting there: Getting to this magical attraction will take awhile. You’ll need to get a round trip (return) ticket to Watford Junction, which will set you back £8-£12, depending on the time of day. The train departs from the Euston Underground Station, and runs approximately every 20 minutes. Once at Watford Junction, you’ll need to catch the Harry Potter Studio Tour coach bus. It runs every 20-30 minutes and costs £2. Make sure you leave early so that if you miss your first coach, you have time to catch a second! The studio is basically out in the middle of nowhere, so the chance of a taxi is slim.

Cost: £28.00 for your ticket, plus approximately £12 for transportation. This is an expensive tour, so make sure you get your money’s worth and look at everything — though this shouldn’t be a problem, as it is quite a sensory overload!

–Caitlin Sole

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