…because in London, if you are trying to live cheap, the term mani-pedi is NOT in your vocabulary.

It is virtually impossible to find a reasonably priced nail salon anywhere in central London. The cheapest manicure around is £15. Don’t ignore the exchange rate. That is an expensive manicure – and your toes are still struggling. It seems especially over-priced for me, since I’m used to the acceptable at best $15 Los Angeles mani-pedi. In my opinion, dealing with the constant suggestions to add crystal embellishments to my nails is worth the discount.

But even if you’ve accepted Columbia prices as reasonable, London’s aren’t. So my advice to you– treat your fingers and toes to a spa day before you come. Even splurge. At least your nails will look presentable for the first couple weeks. And if you are desperate after that here are the sites I suggest you monitor for deals… good ones pop up every so often- for tanning, haircut/colors and eyebrow threading/waxing too.

For all the guys who read this entire post, you’re studying in the right city. Enjoy!

Katie Brennan

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