We went there. And it was awesome.

We only spent 12 hours in Sicily, as a day excursion from the neighboring island nation of Malta. But from what we saw, it was beautiful. Except Pozzallo. That place sucks.

To get to Sicily from Malta, VirtuFerries runs a service that takes a little over an hour. Cab it to the ferry landing from wherever you are – this is pretty much the only place you can’t get to from a bus.

To get to Sicily from anywhere else, there are also ferries involved. Or planes, depending on your preference.

Once in Sicily you’ll arrive in Pozzallo (that is, coming from Malta. Other options exist, obviously, but for the remainder of this post, let’s pretend like you arrive in Pozzallo).

And like I said, it’s pretty disgusting:

We got out of there pretty fast and grabbed a bus to Modica. Which did not suck. But rather, was totally awesome. Here you’ll find a lot of Catholic people, the Mafia and some seriously gorgeous houses. The homes here are built high on top of the hills that surround the town’s main artery and in the afternoon sunlight provide a dazzling view. Seriously. It’s rather majestic actually.

After a massive Italian lunch, we continued to eat. Chocolate. Apparently that’s a thing in Sicily.

Anyway, it was delicious. I recommend the pistachio variety.

By Christi Warren

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