Westfield Mall

If you plan on making the long trek to visit Olympic park while in London, make sure to stop by Westfield Mall.

Part of the city’s renovation of the East End in preparation for the Olympic games in the summer of 2012, the mall has a variety of shops that make it an enjoyable place for anyone.

Going above and beyond the traditional concept of a shopping complex, Westfield London includes everything from furniture and clothing stores to cinemas, grocery stores and dry cleaners.

Feeling hungry? Choose from a variety of food selections from around the world. One Lebanese stand sells delicious inexpensive stuffed dates and roasted nuts. And if you aren’t feeling particularly adventurous, there’s always the Krispy Kreme stand.

Also, be sure to go up to the top floor and check out the fantastic view that the mall offers of the Olympic village. It’s even better than overlooking the park from the Green Belt.

Even if you choose not to purchase anything, it’s worth taking a walk and just marveling the grandeur that this mall offers to the East End.

– Marisa Breese

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