The Windmill

For my favorite venue in all of London, head south. The Windmill is the best place to go to check out the best up-and-coming rock bands.

It’s super tiny, the walls are covered in graffiti, the ceiling’s plastered in old records and the “regulars” include a bunch of salty looking 50-year-olds who still think it’s 1973. The sound guy’s name is Bill and he is awesome. Hang out for drinks after a show one time and get him to tell you some of his stories. Behind the bar, you’ll find a serious selection of whisky, as well as the Windmill’s owner. He tends bar and hangs out almost every night. I accidentally happened to crash his birthday party once.

Thanks to the Windmill, I learned about both Yukon Blonde and Dignan Porch. And thanks to this post, I’m going to go sit in my room and cry about how much I miss London.

Side note: this is (allegedly) where the Arctic Monkeys were discovered.

By Christi Warren

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