Sunday Up Market

If you’re a fan of food, and in particular, ethnic food, make sure that you take time on any given Sunday to the UP Market.

UP Market is located right on brick lane.  Simply get off at the Aldgate East tube stop and take a left out of the tube to get onto the street.  Walk down about five minutes and you’ll hit a large building on your left that’s filled with steaming stands.  Head on inside and you’ll find everything your taste buds could ever crave including:

Japanese Pancakes


Pat Thai


Moroccan Food


And so much more. Make sure you also take an hour or so to walk around the market.  Besides having amazing munchies, the market has a lot of great vintage and homemade jewelry stands.

The market is every Sunday in the same spot, and usually starts dying down around 5.  If you don’t mind the crowds, head there early before people start taking down their stands- anytime between noon and three.


Hannah Carlson

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