The painted hall


If you want to take a break from the city and enjoy some wide open spaces for a day try Greenwich! It’s just 20 minutes outside of London and has some great and underrated attractions. You can take a boat cruise on the Thames to get there or you can even take a red bus from Russell square just using your oyster card. I recommend taking the Thames cruise there and the bus back to save a few pounds. The cruise is great because so many of London’s iconic buildings are right on the river.

Some Greenwich highlights:
Greenwich Mean Time and the Meridian Line
GMT means Greenwich Mean Time and here you can stand on the prime meridian line and be in two hemispheres at once!

Sir Christopher Wren’s Old Royal Navy College
This was my favorite. The old naval dining hall or ‘the painted hall’ is gorgeous. The walls and ceilings are painted with amazing murals. Step out of the hall and go straight across to the church. The cathedral is quite a contrast to Westminster Abbey with warm colors and sunshine flooding through.

The National Maritime Museum
You can see the highlights in about 20 minutes.
The stained glass room is worth a look as well as Nelson’s infamous Trafalgar uniform.

Finally check out the Greenwich market. It is a small market with wonderful food and compared to London’s markets very small and easy to navigate.

Allie Hinds

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