Mad Mad Manchester

Manchester is not a pretty as London. Manchester is not a classy as London. Manchester is not as culturally endowed as London. Would I recommend a trip to Manchester? Yes actually, I would.

Manchester is England’s 6thlargest city. Located to the north of London, it can be reached by a two and a half hour train ride or a 4 and a half hour bus ride. Little more than a small town before the 1800’s, the city essentially owes it entire development to industry. It served as the heart of England’s textile manufacturing during the industrial revolution. The city pays homage to its technical past with the unexpectedly interesting Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. The museum houses interactive displays on transportation, power,sanitation, textiles, communications, and computing.

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

While it’s true that this production-based city would never be described as pretty, it does have its own unique feel. That feel would probably be best described as edgy and hip.This vibe is reflected in Manchester fashion, music, and nightlife. You’re far more likely to see young people sporting ripped shorts, crazy patterned leggings and colorful dyed hair, rather than the more tailored London look. The taste is more in your face and far less conventional.

Unlike London, where many clubs play popular American songs, Manchester likes to honor British artists. This is not surprising, as Manchester boasts a pretty impressive musical pedigree. Many renowned bands have emerged from the Manchester music scene including The Smiths, Joy Division, Oasis, and Doves. Today, venues like Sound Control and The Warehouse Project feature fabulous up and coming artists, while Manchester Arena hosts the big names.

Whether going to show or clubbing, a night out in Manchester is a far cry from London’s trendy Soho or touristy Leister Square. In many ways it feels more genuine. There is an unpretentious, anti-posh, no nonsense, “here-to-party” attitude. It can admittedly border on wild and the girls do sometime look straight out of “The Only Way is Essex” or “Geordie Shore,” but ultimately Manchester is just fun!  With hundred of bars and clubs and over 73,000 students, you are almost guaranteed a good time.

Sankey's nightclub

That time out is made infinitely better by one of Manchester’s highlights; The Curry Mile. This local favorite, The Curry Mile is said to have the largest selection of India restaurants outside of India. The food is delicious, authentic, and cheap. Best of all there is a large selection of takeaway shops, open well into the night. It is a perfect place to visit after the bars let out.

While it is not an absolute, die if you don’t make it up there city, Manchester is very entertaining place to spend a weekend. It caters to the young and doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you are in need of some unfussy excitement, it might be just the thing.

Manchester Town Hall

By: Joanie Jockel

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