Brixton Village

God I love Brixton. Okay. Anyway, Brixton Village.

This fairly large – I have no idea what it used to be – is now home to some of the coolest shops and restaurants in all of Londontown. All organic, all locally sourced. Brixton Village is the closest you can come to San Francisco here. Head up the street a little bit to Electric Avenue and get your groove on. Recognize the name? Yeah, that song you now probably have stuck in your head was named after this Brixton street and is actually supposed to be a comment on the rioting that happened here during the ’80s.

Brixton is my absolute favorite part of London. For a better sense of what it’s like, it was once described by a London friend of mine as, “Shoreditch before it turned into ‘Shoreditch.'” So take that as you will.

‘We gonna walk down to Electric Avenue….’

By Christi Warren

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