Snog Frozen Yogurt

Snog: A Frozen Yogurt Deliema

As they always say, absence makes the heart grown founder. Words could not be truer about my relationship with frozen yogurt. I really never realized how unacceptably attached I am to downtown Columbia’s Yogo Luv, until I came to London. About a month into my stay here, I decided it was time to find a frozen yogurt place in London. I didn’t really care about convenience; I just needed to get fro-yo fill.

I was overjoyed to find out that Snog Frozen yogurt had locations throughout the city, and one in South Kensington, not too far away from my flat. So I hopped on the tube with visions of yogurt swirls and delicious toppings dancing in my head. But that happiness was not to last.


Snog frozen yogurt


Upon arrival I discovered, unlike back home you don’t pay by the ounce, mixing your flavors and selecting your own toppings (which every frozen yogurt lover knows is the best part of the whole experience). In the UK you  instead pick one yogurt and pay a set price for a certain number of toppings and size. I ended up paying a whopping £5.30 for a pathetic three topping combo.

Even more disappointing, most of the good toppings like chocolate sauce, crumbles, and most candies cost extra. I don’t care if the yogurt was 100% pure and organic. I was completely underwhelmed and overcharged. The Brits do a lot of things well, but frozen yogurt isn’t one of them. I say wait to get your fix at home.

By: Joanie Jockel

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