Greenwich is a very sought after location to visit in London. It takes some time to get there, depending where you live (about an hour from Kensington), so take advantage of the travel time and take a boat tour instead! It takes a bit longer to reach by cruise, but it’s a scenic and peaceful ride along the River Thames, which is well worth the view. Tickets can be bought online or at the pier – discounts available with your Oyster card!

Once you get to Greenwich you can visit the market, the Maritime Museum and the quaint shopping and pubs that line the streets. A more historical visit, however, includes a trip to the Queen’s House, a 17th century mansion built for Anne of Denmark. The home features the famous Tulip Stairs, which are breathtaking and spiraled.

Just behind the Queen’s House on top of a steep hill you will find the Royal Observatory, which includes the Greenwich Meridian. It is at this spot that you can literally stand in two hemispheres at once! It’s definitely worth the hike.

McKenzie Kramer

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