There’s no doubt that while abroad you are sure to take some great weekend trips, many of which will require a flight to get to.  Rather than comparing dozens of different flight sites, stick to this easy one: SkyScanner.


Sky scanner is a site that compares the prices of all the key, cheap, airlines that you’ll most likely use while in Europe! This includes RyanAir and Easy Jet, to name only a few. It works by first pulling up the flights that are the lightest on your wallet, but all the while having easy side bars that can adjust when you want to fly, whether that be the dates or even the specific times that are best for your schedule.


This site will save you lots of time while planning your weekend or week-long trips.  It will also make it much simpler to compare airlines, and is, to put it simply, an all in one airline site.


Check out SkyScanner at


Hannah Carlson

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