Notting Hill

So it’s been another few days that and your pocket has taken a few hits.  Monday was groceries, Tuesday was a cab ride, and Thursday and Friday, as fun as they may have been, was hard hitting between cover and that delicious fruit punch.  But it’s a gorgeous Saturday in London, and if you sit around all day in the flat, it’s inevitable: You will go stir crazy.

Solution? Portobello Road Market.

The market is located in the lovely area of Notting Hill, which is worth a visit as it is.  If the name sounds familiar it’s probably because of the movie with the same title.  Starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, it’s a rom-com most definitely worth watching.  While you’re at the market, make sure to sneak off to find the travel bookshop and the house with the blue door from the film.

Portobello Road Market is one of the busiest and best markets in all of London.  It has anything you’re in the mood to goggle at, whether it be antiques- anything from watches to decorations-, fruit, crepes, used goods, or great scarves and accessories.  And if you’re not willing to buy, looking at all the stands and their respective vendors is a priceless experience as it is.  Notting Hill has some of the best people watching, as you will run into people that have hair of every color and that wear every sort of frock imaginable.

I would give yourself a few hours to explore the area.  The market spans for blocks upon blocks with new things to see at every point along the way.  Make sure to bring your camera as there are plenty to snap pictures of to send to friends and family back home.

One last piece of advice.  If you’re going to spend any money at the market, try a Hummingbird Cupcake.  It’s at the top of Portobello Road and will only cost you two or three pounds.  They may or may not change your life.


Hannah Carlson

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