By: Carlie McGuire

might think to yourself, “I’ve been at Mizzou for three years, I’m used to being away from home,” but sometimes it takes an ocean between you and your loved ones to realize how much you really care about the people back home. Don’t worry if you get a little homesick or Columbia-sick. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t having a good time, and it isn’t something to feel guilty about.  I know over the course of the semester there were times where I really would have liked to talk to my parents without wasting minutes on a cell phone, or go into my best friends room, sit on her bed, and tell her my latest problem. It’s a hard adjustment being thousands of miles away, but the combination of skype, phone calls, and facebook, really helps. Also, whether they show it or not, your flatmates might be feeling the same way and are a good outlet if you need some support. The feeling comes and goes pretty quickly, and if you need to get your mind off of it, there are endless places to go in London, so just hop on the tube and see your city!

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