Geffrye Museum

ATTRACTION: Geffrye Museum

LOCATION: Shoreditch.

COST: Free

The Geffrye Museum is a hidden gem found on one of the busiest streets in Shoreditch. It features a collection of artifacts that display the homes and lifestyle of the Middle Class families of London over the years, ranging from the 16th century to modern day.

The museum has done a fantastic job of designing each room in the style of the era it is meant to represent, using furnishings from the respective period. Along the way, there are also writings and audio samples talking about the lifestyle of each of the families who lived in each of the represented times.

Here is just a sample of the information highlighted in the museum:

+ During the 16th and 17th centuries, “housewifery” was actually considered to be a “science”.

+ Dinner used to be served at NOON, and Supper came later. “Lunch” didn’t exist.

+ The water wasn’t safe so EVERYONE, including the kids drank beer.

A room from the 1870’s, when many couples began to rebel against the music and design that was considered “fashionable” at the time.

Beyond the galleries there was a restaurant and a reading room that both overlook a garden behind the building. There were only a few people inside, enjoying high tea, so it was especially relaxing.

I only happened upon this place by chance, while I was wandering the streets of Shoreditch, but I’m really glad I found it, and I definitely suggest you go to this museum if you’re looking for somewhere that showcases Britain’s history without all the crowds.

– Marisa Breese

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