Getting Around Greece

By Carlie McGuire

The biggest obstacle I faced was buying ferry tickets. It isn’t like buying a train or bus ticket last minute, make sure you do your research, and that there will be a ferry to take you where you want to go the day you are travelling. And if possible, go to the port to buy your ticket in advance, or buy it online. High season for tourism to the islands doesn’t begin until late May or June, so there aren’t as many ferries to the islands until then.

There are also so many different ferry companies, that looking on the individual sites gets confusing. I used

and it really helped my fine the cheapest, and fastest route to the Cyclades I wanted to visit.

Keep in mind, the main port in Athens is called Piraeus, that’s where the most ferries go to and from. Also, give yourself time to get to the ferry, like trains, when they say 7:25, they say 7:25. Unlike trains, it won’t be a couple hours until your next ship leaves, it might be more than a day.

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