I went to Prague last weekend, and I loved it! It was the fairytale town that I had heard so much about. It has such a unique feel, I really recommend that you go and experience the same love for this city that I did. Instead of chronicling everything I did, here are some suggestions with links so that you can enjoy some of the same fun and cheap activities that I enjoyed. Happy travels!
First, we stayed at the Czech Inn. It’s a hostel but you would never know it if it weren’t for the bunk beds in the rooms. It’s very modern and minimalistic, and their bar/cafe is so cozy. Not to mention it serves up $1 beer during happy hour. If you have an ISIC student card, you can get a discount on your booking. We stayed for three nights, and my personal bill only amounted to about 55 USD.

Another fun thing we did was go to Letna Park. Think outdoor beer garden at the top of a hill with a perfect view of the city. When you get there, ask for a “pivo prosim” (beer please). You’ll be pleased to know that beer costs about 2 USD in Prague.

For a modern and fun atmosphere and a good, inexpensive meal, try Klub architektů in the Jewish quarter. We had dinner there one night and were totally lovin’ the deals and selection.

It’s also always a good idea to get a feel of the history and lay of the land in the city you’re visiting. It’s really easy to do this. We took the Sandeman’s Free Prague Tour. It is a free walking tour that takes three hours, but it’s definitely worth your while. We learned facts about the city that we never would have come across otherwise. (Okay, it’s not 100% free. You are strongly encouraged to give your tour guide a tip at the end of the tour, but you will be willing, I promise.)

Also, don’t leave the city without trying Bohemia Bagel. It’s a cute little shop that has a few locations around the city. It’s a great lunch spot.

If you are into pop culture and like vegetarian food–be sure to hit up Radost FX. It is the place where Rihanna filmed her “Don’t Stop the Music” vid. Their food is incredible (if you’re into that kind of stuff). I’d recommend the nachos.

One more thing. Prague has a lot of great pub crawls. You’re sure to be approached about one while walking around Old Town Square. My friends and I actually went on one that our hostel organizes every night with a few other hostels. Be sure to check it out if you stay at the Czech Inn. We did another one too that was called the Prague Underground pub crawl. It turns out that the first venue was owned by an expat from Iowa who went to college in Vegas.


Megan Kamitsuka

Our Lady of Tyne Church. See it in Old Town Square. Shrek in real life.

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