Bo de B’s

If you are planning on traveling to BARCELONA while you are in London, I have one place you absolutely CANNOT miss out on. It’s called Bo de B.

The food is Barcelona is cheaper than in London, but if you want a full meal you are still looking at around 12-20 €. But Bo de B is so inexpensive AND you get literally the BEST sandwich of your life.

Not only are the sandwiches amazing, but the fries (Papas Bravas) are to DIE for. I have no idea what the heck is in the sauce they put all over them but every sauce is delicious.

As if it couldn’t get any better, Bo de B’s prices are ridiculously cheap. A standard sandwich with feta is 4.50€. The location is great too, right down the street from the beach, a perfect stop on the way.

The line can go all the way down the block, but it moves relatively quickly and the food is definitely worth the wait. If you can, try to sit inside. To order, you tell them what meat you want in your sandwich (or salad) then you wait while they cook it. When the meat is ready, they call you up to the counter and ask you want you want on it. If you are at all a fan of feta cheese, their feta is probably the best I have ever tasted. So worth the extra Euro or so. The sauces, like I mentioned, are amazing, so I recommended getting all of them. Then you throw on whatever else you would like, or go a little crazy and let ’em throw everything on.

Lots of study abroad kids love Bo de B’s and eat there often, so you may end up meeting some new American friends too!

Bo de B’s is so good, if you don’t make it there when you are in Barcelona you are insane.

Eat up!

-Katie Brennan

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