Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of my favorite areas in all of London. There’s a large variety of charming shops, cafes, restaurants, open-air vendors, and plenty of people watching. It’s a charming locale where tourists and Londoners alike gather for a bit of fun. I recommend that anyone coming to London makes it a point to stop by this centrally-located, never dull area.

Recently some friends and I headed straight to the center of the Garden by taking a right out of the Covent Garden tube stop and heading straight until we were standing in front of a red food stand selling delectable-smelling waffles. Though we are just as attached to Nutella as any other study abroad student, the stand doesn’t have any, and we gladly settled for ice cream with our warm, fresh waffles instead.

The combination of hot-off-the-griddle Belgian-style waffles mixed with cool and creamy ice cream (both of which are better here already) made for the perfect afternoon treat, all for less than three pounds. I even shared mine with a friend and was completely content. Though Americans are known for loving their fair share of good food, this sweet and indulgent experience in the middle of picturesque Convent Garden is surely one of a kind.

Megan Kamitsuka

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