Camden Market

One cannot visit London without making some time for Camden Market.  And one’s pockets (if you have self restraint, that is) cannot thank one enough for carving out a day to do so. This adventure can be done without spending a penny with a little self-control.

I suggest going into the stables and letting yourself get lost.  The stables are more or less a spider-web of the best stalls for antiques, leather-goods, foods from all across the world, and any other thing you could possibly imagine.  If one stopped in all of them days- even weeks!- could pass.

Something you must do while in the market is snag a few free samples.  If one lucks out while walking through the food vendors one might even snatch a free lunch with all the amounting free fork-fulls of chicken and curry.  The vendors literally have forks and spoons in your faces as you walk by urging you to try what they’re trying to sell.  Everything is, of course, delicious, so try with caution if you’re not looking to spend anything!  Otherwise, the most you’ll pay for any meal or snack at Camden is five pounds, which is still relatively easy on the pocket.  If you do plan to buy lunch at the market, I suggest the Indian stands full of spicy and delectable curry, or the Mexican stalls with awesome burritos.

Go to this market either on a Saturday or a Sunday, when it’s most flourishing, and exiting towards Primrose Hill, which is right next-door and has the most beautiful view of London you could imagine.  It’s the neighborhood where you’ll find Gwen Stefani, Jude Law, and the most perfect picnicking or relaxing locations.  Stop after the market and treat yourself to a breath of fresh air, as you’ll need it after the proximity and craziness of the stables.  Enjoy your day in Camden, and if your pocket permits, even help yourself to a few goodies!  It’s a great place for cheap and unique gifts for loved ones at home.

Hannah Carlson

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