A Second Opinion

If you’re an American sports fan, and you are sick of football (soccer), rugby, cricket, and any other foreign sport that these Brits tend to like, do not fear. You are still able to watch your favorite sports teams at The Sports Cafe.

The Sports Cafe is a bar in London that shows American sporting events. I have watched Mizzou basketball games, baseball games, and NBA basketball games, all while drinking a beer in a very stereotypical “American” bar.

The Sports Cafe is nearest to the Leicester Square station on the Piccadilly line. Every single night it has a schedule of sporting events that they will be showing, so do not expect to just arrive and watch YOUR favorite team.

The food there is expensive and not that good, although the Nachos were not bad at all. I would recommend getting there before 7pm on fridays, because beer is half off.

Here is the link to the Sports Cafe website. Click here if you would like to see “What’s On” (meaning, what games they will be showing that day).

Enjoy yourselves.

– Brendan Meyer





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