Tube Tips

Here are some unspoken rules of the Underground that you may want to know so you can ride the tube like it isn’t your first rodeo.

1. During crowded times on the tube if you’re standing by the door, it is polite to step outside the train onto the platform to let others out. Simply step back on once everyone has exited.

2. On escalators, always stand on the right, and walk on the left.

3. Have your Oyster card ready to swipe both in and out of the tube. You can keep your Oyster card in a designated spot, like your wallet, and just tap it on the yellow card reader. Boom, you’re a local.

4. Spread out along the platform while you wait for the train. Most people gravitate towards the middle cars, which inevitably are the most crowded.

5. Give yourself plenty of time to get from point A to point B. Think work rush hour.

Mind that gap!

6. It’s polite to offer up a seat to someone who looks like they need it more than you do.

7. Be mindful. Take off your backpack and put it on the floor in front of you to create more space. Sometimes people just have to be sardines on the tube.

8. Never put your feet or your belongings on the seats.

9. Don’t eat messy or smelly foods on the Underground.

10. Most people don’t talk or talk at a low volume on the tube. I usually like to adjust my voice accordingly.

11. TfL Journey Planner is a life saver.


Megan Kamitsuka


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