Buckingham Palace

By: Katherine Reichenbach

Buckingham Palace is said to have been one of the greatest tourist attractions in London! It is the official residence of the British monarchy and is located in Westminster, an area in central London. This magnificent building was originally built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1705, but it became a “Queen’s House” after Queen Charlotte moved in in 1761. Today, the palace is the administrative headquarters of the British Monarch.

Today, you can tour the Queen’s Gallery which includes many pieces from the Royal Collection. The massive palace has over 775 rooms, so you can imagine how enormous it is! According the official British Royal Website, “The Palace is very much a working building and the centrepiece of Britain’s constitutional monarchy. It houses the offices of those who support the day-to-day activities and duties of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh and their immediate family.” This palace is a definite MUST-SEE!

The closet tube stop is Victoria! And be sure to check this website for opening hours and more information. Also, research when the changing of the guard is. It is amazing to watch. Enjoy!

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