2012 Olympics

If you have plans to attend, watch, or want to go anywhere near the Olympic stadium, then I am the person to talk to.

I will be staying in London to cover the games, and have already secured tickets to a couple matches (if you want more advice on tickets or whatnot, my international number is 07774403272).

To start, the Olympic stadium is located in Stratford. The tube stations that are closest to the Olympic stadium/village are Stratford, Stratford International, and West Ham. Once you get there, look for a large stadium and a roller coaster statue. If you can’t find it, you’re blind. If you’re blind, ask a local and they can easily direct you.

The Olympics will be an extremely hectic and exciting time in London. If you actually would like to attend the games, your best bet is through this website. This is not the wholesaler for Olympic tickets. If you want the cheapest tickets to any matches, you are out of luck, because there is a massive waiting list to purchase tickets through London. But, if you are willing to spend $20 extra on tickets that are already very expensive, you will still be able to attend.

This website is the reseller of Olympic tickets. You see, every country is allocated a certain amount of tickets to sell. Thus, you can buy tickets through an official Olympic website that is based out of the US. Since the US is not the wholesaler, tickets are a little bit more expensive. But this is your ONLY way of getting tickets through an official seller. If you do decide to purchase tickets, I strongly recommend selecting the Will Call/Pick Up option, as sending your tickets to your US address adds to the cost of your tickets.

If an event is sold out, check the website frequently to see if more tickets become available.

Note: If you purchase tickets that are IN the Olympic village, you can stay in the Olympic village for that day. I would HIGHLY recommend taking this in to consideration before you spend a lot of money on tickets, because if you select a venue that is OUTSIDE of the Olympic village (i.e. Wembley Stadium), you will NOT have access to the Olympic village. Personally, I think it would be incredible to watch an Olympic match then spend time in the village. There will be lots to do there.

If you do not plan on attending the Games, I would recommend at least checking out the stadium. I am sure there will be many events and festivals occurring in London to celebrate the Olympics, so you may want to check out some of those.

If neither of these options appeal to you, stay inside. It will be extremely hectic.

-Brendan Meyer


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