Concert Guide

London has an incredible music scene. So how do you know in advance when your favorite bands (or future favorite bands) will be playing just down the road? While London has some incredible and famous music venues that post their concert schedules, it’s very common to have fairly large bands playing shows at venues that are tiny and unheard of.

Here is a link that proved to be extremely helpful during my time here. It is a list and schedule of practically every concert that will be playing in London, including the price and the venue. The website is updated daily, and is very reliable.

If you see a show that you are dying to go to, and it is sold out, do not worry. Depending on how much you REALLY like this band, I would recommend going to the venue and see if you can purchase a ticket off of someone. While you may have to spend a few pounds over face value, it will surely be worth your while. If you do not have a ticket, I’d recommend arriving at the venue 30-45 minutes before the show begins, as prices will surely decrease due to desperation from scalpers.

Use this website. And enjoy.

-Brendan Meyer

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