Barclays Bikes

As you’ve noticed, there are a lot of tourists riding massivly awkward and bulky looking bikes all around town.

Guess what? That person could be you!

To rent a Barclays Bike is extremely easy. Simply go to a bike stand, find the cash center in that stand, and read the instructions. The guidelines are very basic and straightforward. It costs 1 pound to rent a bike for 24 hours, and you must pay by credit card.

The greatest part of the Barclays Bike are you can return them to ANY Barclays Bike hub that you want.

The reason why you can only pay with credit card is because if you do not return the bike after 24 hours, they will promptly charge you an obscene amount of money that you simply do not want to pay (so just don’t do that).

Also it is EXTREMEMLY important to note that you cannot ride bikes on the sidewalk in London. You can only ride bikes in the designated bike lane on the street. If you are caught by a policeman riding a bike on the sidewalk, you are looking at a 50 pound fine. So don’t do it.

I would 100% recommend doing this while staying in London. It’s a great way to see the city and get some exercise.

If you have any questions, this website will be able to answer you.

-Brendan Meyer



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