The 39 Steps

By Carlie McGuire

It really is a crime to go to London without seeing some great shows. One of the shows I was lucky enough to see was “The 39 Steps,” a play written by John Buchanan, based off of the many films by Alfred Hitchcock. It follows the story of Richard Hannay, a man wrongly accused of murder, and his attempt to clear his name. The most intriguing part about this play is that only four actors play all 100 roles. And they do it very well. It’s a hilarious way to spend a couple hours, and the Criterion Theatre doesn’t have one bad seat! I saw this play with my parents, and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something to do with family.

“The 39 Steps” is playing at the Criterion Theater in London’s West End. Closest tube stop: Piccadilly Circus

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