Notting Hill Arts Club

Notting Hill Arts Club is a guaranteed fun night with a group of friends, no matter how big or small, and is a must during your time in London.  This place, located in one of London’s most popular areas, is great for singing and dancing along to local bands.


This being said, the night to go to this place is Wednesday, when a lot of younger, college aged students come in to support the music scene.  Depending on the night, there are either local bands or DJs featured. Make sure to check on the Notting Hill Arts Club website before you go.


Another plus is the price you can expect to pay.  If you get to the venue before 11, there is no cover, and if you happen to run late you only have to give away three of your pounds to the venue.  Drinks are also reasonably affordable, with most beers, wines and ciders being less than five pounds.


More information about this great venue can be found at


Hannah Carlson

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