Electrical Appliances

By: Katherine Reichenbach

Before I left for London, I had zero clue as to whether or not I would be able to use my US electrical appliances in the UK. I packed my hair straightener and hair curler, my mobile phone charger, my laptop charger, and more. I wish I had read this website beforehand! Not all appliances are compatible (even with a converter/adapter), so be sure to know whether your item is compatible or not before you waste space in your suitcase! For example, some American hair straighteners and curlers burn out and die if you plug them in with a converter or adapter here in the UK. Also, American DVDs are not compatible with British DVD players (and vice versa) — That includes British DVDs in your American laptop! I would highly suggest you check out the website in order to pack efficiently and not bring anything you might not be able to use.

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