London Aquarium

I have mixed feelings about the London Aquarium. If I had gone under different conditions I might have liked it better. I went on a gorgeous Friday afternoon—the exact same time as 13 million other people. The aquarium itself is really cool. It has a big variety of aquatic life. The jellyfish were a particular favorite of mine. However, it only takes about an hour to get through the exhibit—even when fighting to make your way through the crowds. If it had only cost 5 or 6 pounds I would definitely recommend everyone to go see it just to say that you had, but it costs about 20 pounds and there are no student discounts available. 20 pounds to pay to see some fish swimming around for an hour seems like an awful lot of money. If you do decide to brave the crowds, I would suggest bringing your mp3 player with you to block out the inevitably crying and yelling of the hundreds of small children you’re sure to encounter. It definitely made my experience a little bit better.

-Emily Herron

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