The Alhambra

By Carlie McGuire

If you happen to find yourself in the south of Spain for Spring Break, do not miss the chance to go to one of the most visited sites in all of Europe. The Alhambra is a former army fortress and home to royalty in the thirteenth century. I cannot stress enough that it is one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen. It sits at the top of a hill in Granada and from one side you can see the beautiful city, and on the other you can see the snow capped Sierra Nevadas.

If you do go, MAKE SURE YOU BOOK YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE. This is vitally important. Tours of the main area, the Palaces are scheduled in thirty minute increments, and they rarely have tickets the day of. Make sure when you buy them online that you’re buying them for the Alcazaba, Generalife and they Nasrid Palaces. It should cost you thirteen euros. Also, do your research on how to get there. You think it would be better marked, but it isn’t, so find your route from the train or bus station ahead of time.


The official website to the Alhambra tickets:

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