British Museum

A top attraction in London, and rightfully so, is the British Museum.  Back in the 19th century, the English went all over the world, collecting artifacts whenever and wherever they could.  The result? This very museum, that houses artifacts from all three great cultures (along with their rises and their falls), and things to gawk at that include Cleopatra’s mummy, the Rosetta Stone, and parts of the Parthenon.

Rainy days are most crowded at the museum, so pick a nicer day to go if you’re wanting to avoid big crowds and lines.  Before getting off at Tottenham Court Road tube station, know that you’re about to dedicate a few hours to the place. You will most definitely need it.

If you’re willing to do it, there are free tours every half hour from select and more popular rooms.  These eyeOpener tours last about 40 minutes and it’s great to have a guide to tell you things you may never have known about the items that grace the floors.  However, if you’re wanting to do it on your own and at your own pace here are a few great things you can’t miss:

 Egypt.  Make sure to look at the mummies, the Rosetta Stone (written in three different languages!), Ginger (a 5400 year old corpse), and the Colossal statue of Great Ramesses.

 Assyria.  You cannot miss the two human-headed winged lions, nor the two-winged bulls from Khorsabad.

 Greece. Step out of London and into ancient Greece by checking out pieces of the Parthenon, the map of the Greek world, the pottery that will make you want to pop in Disney’s Hercules, and the pediment sculptures.

Enjoy your tour!


Hannah Carlson

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